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ABIX - The Complete Personal Organizer!

All you need to easily manage all your personal information, and more !


Version 7.40.01  -  October 14, 2013


ABIX works under Windows 7, XP, Vista, 200x, Me, 9x.


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What's new?


ABIX allows you to gather all your information at the same place in order to be able to manage them easily and efficiently, thanks to its many functions and its clean and intuitive interface.  Manage your agenda, your address book, your anniversaries, your tasks, your memos, your notes, your passwords, your inventory and even your budget, ABIX can manage them all!


With ABIX you don't need to buy and learn several different software to manage your information anymore because it already includes all you need. Thus you save money but also time because you quickly have access to all your information in a single software.


Why buy several software when one is enough?
  • AGENDA  -  Enter all your events not to be missed and be notified by ABIX.

  • TASK  -  Organize your tasks by categories and priority.

  • CONTACT  -  Classify your phone numbers, addresses, customer files.

  • INVENTORY  -  Maintain an inventory of your home or small business.

  • TABLE  -  Create any kind of table to store any kind of data.

  • NOTE  -  Write your notes and simple letters.

  • BUDGET  -  Plan your family budget, or even your small enterprise budget.

  • ANNIVERSARY  -  Enter all your birthday or wedding anniversaries and be notified by ABIX.

  • MEMO  -  Enter all your memos or other small notes.

  • PASSWORD  -  Keep a secure list of all your passwords.

  • MEASUREMENT  -  Convert any measurement units between metric and imperial systems.

  • LOAN  -  Complete loan calculator with payment grid.

  • ACCOUNT  -  Keep track of any transactions or project budget.


There are many advantages to use ABIX!

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  • only one software to buy and learn

  • easy to use and user-friendly

  • very affordable price

  • password protection to keep your data private

  • integrated backup to keep your data safe

  • FREE - unlimited technical support by email

  • FREE - installation of all new versions for one year

  • NO RISK - 30 days money-back guarantee


Here are some comments received from ABIX users!



It's very convenient to be able to write all of my information in the
same software, now I can lose nothing, everything is in ABIX. 
C. V. - USA

Thanks for the wonderful program, every time I download
a new version I'm amazed at the upgrades. 
J. B. - USA

With all the things ABIX does it is almost surprising
that it does not the laundry too!
D.C. - USA

I like ABIX and use it every days, I cannot live without it.
L. B. - Quebec

Finally, a real user-friendly software, it was about time!
Continue the good work! 
R. P. - France




Try ABIX for FREE during 30 days!

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And see by yourself all the help and ease it can bring you in the daily management of all your information.